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Fund Mobilization Advisory

We shall assist your business in our following 4 Phase Model in relation to your business fund mobilization requirement:

  • Phase 1: Figuring out Fund Requirement: Analyzing the company’s existing business profile and growth prospects; Closing the business plan; Formulating capital requirement for expansion; Preparing a complete packet of information which enables the transaction to be presented in front of potential investors in a structured way. In this phase, we help the client to decide the best way to position the transaction so as to maximize value for shareholders.
  • Phase 2: Pitching to investors: In this phase, we assist the client in preparing to pitch for investors by deciding the right kind of investor to pitch and holding initial discussions and arranging client meetings with investors.
  • Phase 3: Finalizing Commercial Term Sheet: In this phase, we analyzing various offers from potential investors and ensures that the client enters into a term sheet with the investor which meets the client’s strategic objectives.
  • Phase 4: Due Diligence and Closure: Our role shall be to coordinate the overall due diligence process and negotiating on the final terms of agreement with the potential investor.