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Management Advisory & Investor Relations

Transaction & Advisory Support Services

  • IPO Support: Supporting in all aspects of the IPO process – meeting prospective institutional investors, preparing financials, handling compliances, etc.
  • M&A Support: We can help a business owner to think the idea of a merger, acquisition or takeover. We shall assess whether the opportunity makes sense from a standpoint of acquiring: technology or other knowledge; customers; a new product line; marketing synergy; patents or other intangible assets; capacity; or, just a way to grow the business. We can then assist with due diligence, negotiations, and eventually, assimilation of the newly acquired business or assets.
  • Due Diligence Support: Undertaking due diligence on a target company on behalf of the client OR providing support and intelligence for due diligence being undertaken on client.
  • Exit and Succession Planning & Support: Many successful business owners, caught up in the immediate demands of running a business, give little attention to what will happen to the business once they retire. Some owners postpone exit planning because the task seems too difficult. Others assume they can wait until retirement is imminent. For many business owners, exit planning is avoided because of the emotional issues involved. It’s simply too painful to imagine relinquishing control of what has been one’s greatest accomplishment, or to acknowledge that one will not live forever. Furthermore, family owned businesses have special needs, some of which can threaten the business’ existence as well as the harmony of the family. When you strip away everything, the core long-term decisions relate to control and wealth. Whether it’s an Exit Strategy for an owner-manager or a Succession Plan for a family business, both require careful planning well in advance. We assist you to in your exit plan is a way that will maximize the return on your business at the appropriate time.

Investor Relations

  • Debt: Manage the relationship with the banks; Provide MIS and prepare presentations as required by them; Advise client on handling of lenders and investors.
  • Equity: Provide MIS and prepare presentations to the equity investors (VC Funds, Seed Fund, PE Funds) as required by them.